The Benefits of Owning Chia Pets

Chia pets are handmade pottery planters that feature chia seeds that can be watered to make sprouts, and are more fun than the traditional chia herb garden. These attractive ceramic planters are great for those who enjoy collecting or want a fun decoration. For kids, chia pets are a great way of learning about taking care of a plant. Pets come in a number of different designs, cute kid friendly designs such as Shrek, Garfield and Spongebob are favorites with kids. The mistake proof design is also great for those who struggle with taking care of plants. The most surprising benefit of owning chia pets is the health benefits, which also come with a chia herb garden! Chia seeds are high in omega-3’s, calcium, protein and iron. You can replace the regular chia seeds that come with the planter and use food-grade chia seeds sold at health food stores.