Let’s face it, not everybody has a green thumb. Many of us have black thumbs – we plant something and it lives for oh, ten seconds, and dies. Some of us are just too busy to bother with a garden at all, although we sure love our fresh foods! What can be done about that? Well, a Chia Herb Garden could be the answer.

This handy little garden comes fully equipped with everything you need to grow fresh herbs quickly and accurately (read that: not dying). No, these are not the little chia pets you hear so much about, but rather cute and small little pots to grow your herbs in on a windowsill. You will have the opportunity to save some money as you grow your own choice of herbs to season your foods with. It will be much more cost effective than purchasing in a grocery store. These are practically infallible to grow.

Chia Herb GardenYou will need to keep the chia herb garden moist and humid to begin with and you can always through some plastic wrap over the pots to accomplish this. Once your herbs have sprouted a few leaves it they are ready to be moved to the sill. Once they have grown to a good size, the herbs can even be transplanted to an outside garden if you wish.

Your chia herb garden kit comes with everything you need, including seeds, terracotta pots and saucers, a chia sponge (don’t ever let it get dry or sopping wet but rather moist) and of course a set of instructions. Just keep them adequately watered, follow the directions and you’ll do great!

With the chia herb garden you can live a healthier lifestyle, grown herbs quickly (within a month) and save yourself all that tiresome laboring you would need to go through if you were planting a full sized garden outside. These can grow the year through, so you needn’t worry about the outdoor weather. What a fantastic plan of action!